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Pilates Kinesiology
A Very Short History

When I started Pilates exercise many years ago, I was a philosophy student at university and a semi-professional athlete. I knew nothing of the disciplines of Anatomy or Kinesiology. My philosophical studies had taught me many valuable lessons, but knowledge of the body and how it functioned in an athletic environment was not one of them.


Philosophy, however, does instill a sense of wonder. It cultivates a curiosity that encourages you to probe deep below the surface of things. This curiosity transferred (“transference” is an important principle in the field of sports science) to my subsequent study and work in the field of Anatomy and Kinesiology. 


Another key philosophical subject called “Epistemology” transferred directly to my study of Anatomy and Kinesiology. Epistemology is the study of the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion. Pilates Anatomy and Kinesiology is deeply rooted in this concern. My quest, both as a student and teacher/ facilitator has always been to understand more deeply and accurately what it is that we are doing when we do and teach Pilates. 

And so, Pilates Kinesiology offers creative books, courses, blogs and ‘Socratic” style interviews with various experts in the relevant fields like Anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics to help us understand and hone our craft.  I invite you to join me as a companion in this journey. I am not the lab coated professor, doling out anatomical facts in exclusionary language. Quite the contrary. Join me as we think, explore, experience and wonder out loud together to discover the fascinating story of our bodies and how they work.

About Anthony

Anthony Lett is a Pilates and StretchFit studio owner, teacher, educator and writer originally from Melbourne Australia. Anthony teaches workshops globally on the material from his books best-selling books titled Innovations in Pilates, StretchFit and Pilates Kinesiology. Anthony is the creator and owner of StretchFit, a program of assisted stretching for remediation from injury and wellbeing.


There are StretchFit studios in China, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, the UK and the United States. Anthony was the Director of Advanced Education for BASI Pilates and has qualifications in philosophy, sports science, exercise medicine and clinical anatomy. Anthony has also completed post-graduate studios in Mind/body Medicine and Health as a Buddhist Practice. Anthony has presented his workshops and keynote addresses in over 25 countries and is a leading creative thinker in the Pilates industry.



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