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Welcome to General Principles of Musculoskeletal Anatomy!

This undergraduate level course is for Pilates and exercise teachers, stretch therapists, massage therapists, body workers, Yoga teachers, personal trainers and anyone who wants to learn about the fundamentals of anatomy with an in-depth and systematic approach. Our course combines traditional academic learning, incredible 3D anatomy software and experiential learning. No matter what your style of learning, we have an approach that you will love!

So, what’s unique about this course?


  • You get your own skeleton, shipped to your door!

  • You get your own world’s best 3D anatomy software!

  • You get to make muscles on your skeleton- it's fun!

  • You get your own digital textbook, with 350 pages of anatomy images and information

  • You follow the regional approach to anatomy, used by universities worldwide because it is simple and logical

  • You can purchase add on Stretching and Pilates kinesiology modules to learn how to put your anatomical knowledge into practice

Not enough for you? There is more…

  • You can do it all at home, in your own time, virus free!

  • The course is registered for continuing education credits (see below)

  • It's great value for money

  • Join our Facebook community for support and interaction with students

  • Watch us making muscles on our YouTube channel


This course is the online version of our extremely popular “Certificate in Pilates Anatomy and Kinesiology” that we have taught in over 25 countries. The online course has more depth, and equivalent to university level human anatomy study. It is for teachers who want to be the best teachers they can be!

Picture 1 Anatomy.png

Here’s what some past students have said about our live course:

“This was, no contest, one of the best learning experiences ever. I actually can't wait to take the online test!”

-Dianne Klotz

“Thank you Anthony for a truly amazing learning experience! You are such a patient, kind and knowledgeable teacher and created a safe and fun learning experience. I learned so much over the weekend and came away feeling much more confident about anatomy and excited to continue learning more!! I can't wait to take more of your courses! Thank you again!”

-Christina Flynn 


“What an absolutely AMAZING day of learning with Anthony Lett. The amount of knowledge combined with a profound ability to convey the material is top notch. Cannot wait for day 2!!!"

-Eurona Tilly

On completion, students will receive a full certification in “General Principles of Musculoskeletal Anatomy.”


The course is in the process of being approved by the Pilates Method Alliance, and we are very happy to submit the course to your association for professional development credits. Oh, and when you finish, you be the smartest teacher on the block too!

Course structure and content

The course is broken into individual modules, with several lessons in each module.

You can purchase one module at a time and study at your own pace. Take a look below at the samples.

Click here for information on the course syllabus/content.

Sample the anatomy software that comes free for 12 months, with the course here.

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