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Welcome to the Stretch Modules!

We’ve assembled all the stretches that we’ve ever taught and published into separate modules for you to learn from, practice, and teach! Each module contains a large volume of both mat and reformer stretches, with terrific 3D anatomy images and tables, and step by step instructions. The material is taken from our 7 bestselling publications.

  • Purchase the stretches after completing the corresponding module in our Musculoskeletal Anatomy course. For example, if you have just completed the anatomy module on the thigh, you can purchase all of our stretches for the thigh, all 55 for them!

  • If you have a background in anatomy or teaching, and you just want a huge collection of tried and tested stretches for both the mat and reformer, you can purchase the Stretch Modules on their own.

  • Looking at both mat and reformer versions of stretches will help you to grasp the fundamental mechanics of each stretch, and easily recognize how they can transfer from the floor to the reformer or vice-versa.

  • Learn at your own pace. Purchase a module, work at it, practice teaching it, and then take another one.

  • If you are thinking about taking one of our live courses, this is an excellent way to immerse yourself in our material.

We’ve taught these stretches in 27 countries to thousands of Pilates teachers and students.
We are sure you will love them!


Take a look at the samples and indexes below and purchase your modules today! Your modules will arrive in your email as a full color digital pdf.

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