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The Compression Project

The Compression Project stems from the work of Yoga Anatomist Paul Grilley. Paul produced some wonderful videos demonstrating the fact that many people have different bone and joint shapes which may not permit them to perform various exercises.

Although well known in the medical community, Paul contextualized this knowledge with some live examples in his video material and began educating Yoga teachers about their importance.  

In the Pilates world, with its emphasis on wide-ranging multiplanar movement, the boney configurations of clients can be remarkably important also. Teachers need to be aware of the shapes and structures of their clients, and how to adapt exercises for them. This is important in avoiding injury and in working with clients to acknowledge together what can truthfully be achieved.

In The Compression Project, we will be examining variation in structure at the ankle, knee, hip, spine and shoulder and its implications for teachers. With 3d printed human bones which are replicas of real bones, we will examine how joint variation “feels” inside a body. We will look at how to screen for it and how it can permit and restrict movement ability. Together we will create exercise variations to help you to deal with what you might find in your next teaching class.

Stay tuned for “The Compression Project” books and workshops!

For now, take a look at the photos below of real human bones and their variations.


Further reading:

For further reading on the subject, click on the link taken below from Innovations in Pilates, Mat work for health and wellbeing.

Read Your Body Your Yoga by Bernie Clark

Watch Anatomy for Yoga by Paul Grilley. 

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