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"I am on vacation in Kauai right now and studying on the beach which is absolutely awesome! I waited a bit too long to get my CEC’s and  I am now cramming to get them in and your short courses offered a great pathway for me. The material is well presented and I have learned a lot and gained valuable insights.


As I am an anatomy geek, this has been helpful in reinforcing my knowledge base as I often mentor instructors who need and want the anatomy portion in order to understand movement better. This helps them make informed choices based on knowledge as opposed to just “programming” which I advocate and support whole heartedly.   


What I really like are that the pdfs are fully scripted and not just Power Point slides as another course I took had. Going back to this material is something I can do easily, also being able to go back to the quizzes is fantastic. I like that aspect of your set up a lot. 


It appears to be about learning and educating and not just testing. It had me looking up a few things online double-checking things, I hadn’t recently studied axis of movements and moment arms. I know one could run through the material and just take the test, but the structure lends itself to something deeper."

-Colleen Glenn-Wilson 

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